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Menagerie.... Isn't that a great word?  Menagerie means a "varied mixture" or it can mean "rare finds". I've been linking up my post on Seasoned Roasts & other recipes and found a couple of great linkies where people link up their handmade items - it can be gifts, craft ideas, recipes ~ it's a rare collection of a variety of FUN things!

Personalized Ornaments ~ use paper and other found items to create an ornament that matches your personality or the giftee's uniqueness. These are really easy to make and just take a little time and money to create, unless you already have the mirror, photo, glitter and glue.

My thoughts: We've all heard of altered books - wouldn't it be neat to combine the paper with pictures, rubbings, beads, eyelets, buttons, etc?  Needs some ideas? Click here, here and here to start.

Christmas or Easter Basket Idea: Why not make Koolaid Playdo in bright, fruity smelling colors? It's 100% non-toxic & edible (altho it won't taste good) and so so soft! Your kids will love it & it's the only thing good from Koolaid! Click Here for recipe

Ode to Inspiration has the neatest idea! Why not start a snowball "fight" with your friends & family? She made up "snowball (or Mexican Wedding Cakes) balls" and put them in a bucket with a tag that say's "You've been snowballed"! ~ Think May Day and hang a cone or bucket on your neighbor's doorknob with a "tag your it" on the inside/back of the tag.

Some other ideas I loved & want to explore:
 felt rosette wreath 

Make Your Own Shampoo Soap
Love the idea of the shampoo soap - but I think it would be expensive and a LOT of work to make. Wonder if I could buy a bar or two to try - or maybe she'd send me one to review on my GivingNSharing blog????

I found these ideas on these linkies:
1) Anything Goes (Tuesdays)  and 2) Homemade Projects (Tip Junkie)

Here's my post that I linked up on both: Seasoned Roast & other recipes


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This is wonderful! Tina 'the book lady'


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