Beef Barley Stew (or will it be soup?) ~ Come & Get It!

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I got my daily recipe email today and of course it was chock full of Soup & Stew Supper recipes. My coworker was looking over my shoulder and we both are like "I'm SOOO hungry"!

I just finished putting a Beef Barley Stew in the crockpot for tomorrow afternoon (I work evenings). I always make up a main dish and cook it in the crockpot overnight so I can have it either to take to work or eat before I leave for work. The only thing I didn't add to this recipe was the mushrooms & barley. I have some but I'm afraid they'll get really soggy if I cook them overnight. Hopefully I'll wake up around 10'ish and can throw in about a cup of chopped up fresh ones.

At the beginning ~ Yum!
I have a smaller crockpot so if the amounts look off to you I usually cut back on the meat and use the usual amount of veggies. I had a really hard time choosing between these two recipes: Beef Stew and Beef & Barley Soup. The decider was which I had the most ingredients for (and could fudge easily). Also, you'll see the recipe is much different from the one on the link above - I use a lot of organic, convenience type canned goods (like tomatoes) for ease and I can keep them on hand for when I feel well enough & have the energy to cook.

Come to think about it ~ I wonder if I have barley? hmm...

Beef Barley Stew
1 1/2 Beef Stew Meat (I use extra lean, trimmed)
1/3 c flour
2 T olive oil
Dredge the meat in the flour, pepper to taste and 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme and dried parsley.

Warm up the skillet, add 1-2 Tablespoons olive oil and then add the meat. Brown the meat for up to 5 minutes, turning occasionally.

1 onion, chopped (I use prechopped frozen ones)
2 potatoes, chopped into 3/4-1" pieces
1/2 bag of baby carrots, chop larger ones in 1/2 (about 1 cup chopped carrots)

Mix the veggies and meat in your crock pot. Add 1 can chicken broth (fat free or regular), 1 can chopped/diced tomatoes (I use the seasoned - basil, garlic and oregano). Mix all together.

Add an hour or two before done:
1 cup sliced fresh mushrooms
1/2 cup medium All-natural pearled barley (Quaker Oats)

Put crock pot on high for about 5-6 hours or low for 10-12 hours.

I'll be serving this with the banana bread that I made last night when I got home from work. Here's the recipe from one of my other blogs.

tree Pictures, Images and PhotosThanks for stopping by from the Recipe Hop. Be sure to come back on Fridays (or anytime on the weekend) when I host the Count Your Blessing Blog Hop (link up all kinds of things like crafts, recipes, artwork (family friendly) and share your Fall & Winter Activities too. There is also a separate Giveaway Linky that you won't want to miss. ** Dinner's on - go outside and play now! **

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Count Your Blessings Blog Hop & Giveaway Linky! WK 4

Thanks for joining me in the Count Your Blessings Blog Hop for Week 4 of fun, crafts, recipes, fall happenings - and of course, the giveaway linky! Would you please do me a favor? Please tweet this event:

I have a couple of giveaways I'll link up below and I also wanted to bring this FUN opportunity for a contest that is having. It looks like a lot of fun! 3rd Annual Talent Search Contest
You can enter for a chance to win the grand prize of $1,000 cash, plus a $500 Tiny Prints gift certificate! They are looking for the cutest photos in the following categories:
1) Cutest Baby (0-24 mo)
2) Cutest Kid (25 mo - 10 yrs)
3) Cutest Family
4) Cutest Couple
5) Cutest Pet & Owner

Enter 10/24/11 - 11/15/11
Winners announced 12/21/12
Enter Here

Count Your Blessings Blog Hop! 
Link up your recipes, crafts, fall activities, family fun stuff! etc - facebook & blogs welcome! It is required that if you link up you need to follow the 2 people above you that way everyone gets a visit at least 2 times. Please leave them a comment so you can follow back, comment back, tweet back - whatever their request is. Thanks!

** This is an activity hop - please say what you need - stumble, tweet, comments **

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Woozie ~ Insulates & Feels Great

Stocking Stuffer Alert!

Woozie Holiday Ad
Get a Little Woozie!
~ Woozie Insulates & Feels Great ~ 

I love the new Woozie line of kitchen & barware and you will too. The designs range from traditional, designer, collegiate and business designs. I personally have fallen in love with the Christmas line and also the many of the designer designs such as: Betsy Drakes line of Entertainment Woozie's.

Woozie's are cute little coozie's for medium & large wine glasses and wine bottles along with matching trayd'bles (square & rectangular), woozie buckets, coasters, can woozies and 2 different sets of wine stoppers. Each set has 5 wine stoppers that can be broken up into individual items (each boxed separately) to give to friends. 

Are you a Hard-Core football fan? 
You definitely need some wine glass sleeves for the Super Bowl! You don't want the pop, beer or wine getting cold do you? Woozie's can help with Team Spirit! Click here for the list of schools offered (Hey! Iowa's there - where's Nebraska? We BEAT them this year! - Something's wrong with this picture!!!)

I received 2 of the wine glass woozies in the Christmas Line. One of them says "Dear Santa, Define Naughty!" and the other says "HO! HO! HO!" The fabric on each is made from top quality neoprene which is stretchable, washable, foldable and provides excellent insulation. They fit on a medium sized wine glass and when you tighten the drawstring cord at the bottom of each you'll want to be careful not to break the glass. (Just a head's up)

Just a head's up:
I did try one of the Woozie's on a pop can and it fits - sorta. They are a little big for a can and the drawstring kind of makes the can sit kinda wobbly - so I'd say to get "can woozie's" instead of trying to make them fit on a can. You don't want any spills if someone puts it down and doesn't realize a can isn't sitting flat. (They have a small selection of can woozie's)

Woozie's make great stocking stuffers, secret santa gifts, hostess gifts, wedding & bridal shower gifts - or just because. They're prices start at 8.50 and go up. You can also get some customized just contact customer service to find out how you can do this. 

Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of 2 of the Woozie's to review on Holiday Traditions & Gift Ideas. No positive review was required and I wasn't paid any $ for my opinion. Thanks!


Book Review: 15 Minutes Outside by Rebecca P Cohen

15 Minutes Outside
365 ways to get out of the house and connect with your kids
By Rebecca P Cohen
ISBN: 9781402254369
$29.99 for book & 50 conversation cards

How many of you would like your kids OFF the TV, Video Games, Movies - how about OUT OF THE HOUSE! Right now, it's so beautiful outside. Yes, it's a little nippy (it's been getting down to 29 degrees this week - Brrr) but if you keep jackets, gloves, boots, hats in the garage or by the back door for your family to grab as they head outside they can bundle up and then remove layers as they warm up.

Rebecca P Cohen has a book that was released this last year called "15 Minutes Outside, 365 ways to get out of the house and connect with your kids". In it she lists each month as a separate chapter and then each month has a variety of activities for your family to do together. For instance, in October your family can go on LONG walks (start in 15 minute increments), jump in the leaves, make bubbles, look for "predators" (that's a GREAT word isn't it?), watch for birds flying South (make sure you have binoculars handy - cheap ones are fine), play kick ball or scavenge for sticks and other treasures like "helicopters" (those seed pods that grow on trees) & then show the kids how they can hold them up high and watch them spin to the ground.

In 15 Minutes, Rebecca gives you ideas on HOW to get those kids outside (with you which is the whole idea) without being pushy or nagging. I liked her idea of keeping baskets or cubbies with coats, jackets, gloves, boots, snow pants, hats, etc along with creating a Outdoor Play Kit which contains everything from balls, bubbles, binoculars, etc. I personally would also suggest you keep a journal/sketchbook available for kids who like to draw and observe life outside. I'd also suggest you make each kid responsible for their own things such as: hanging up their own coats, putting the mittens, hats, etc away, making sure their boots are against the wall on a mat or a newspaper to avoiding others tripping over them. If they forget just bring it to their attention and ask them "where do we put our things when we're done with them?". No need to nag, just be consistent and they will learn to do it without reminding. - it helps them learn responsibility and mom/dad shouldn't have to do everything. =D

Rebecca has a handy 50 Outdoor Activities Chart that you can download on her website. It's FREE of course! She also has a Great Show called Get Out Of The House and she gives all kinds of GREAT Low Cost or FREE ideas for outdoor fun!

Here's a Christmas Gift Idea:
Why not download Rebecca's Chart and enlarge it? Laminate it (or frame it) and give it as a give along with a copy of the book and the activity cards.  Give it as a family gift instead of giving each member of the family an individual gift. I can't think of a better holiday or even hostess gift to a family! 

You can purchase the Book & Conversation Cards on Rebecca's Website for $29.99 and download the Chart online. The cards are designed to spark conversation between adults and child. Perfect for family gatherings, road trips and meaningful moments every day. Each card contains an interesting questions, such as "what could we build with what is around us right now?" A portable set of 50 durable laminated circular cards, 3" in diameter & fastened with a stylish clip.

About Rebecca Cohen:
Rebecca is an internationally recognized healthy living expert and the go-to spokesperson for gardening and outdoor activities any time of the year. Rebecca is author of the new book, 15 Minutes Outside: 365 Ways to Get Out of the House and Connect with Your Kids (Sourcebooks), which was named a "Best new Parenting Book" by Scholastic Parent and Child (April 2011) and host of the television series. Get Out of the House, which shows fun ideas for time outside in every season. In addition, she appears on live morning news shows around the country on the how-to's of gardening and outdoor lifestyle. Rebecca's work has been featured in better Home and Gardens, Parenting, Redbook, Working Mother, Family Circle, Backyard Solutions and and in countless social media outlets.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy the book to review on Holiday Traditions & Gift Ideas. No positive review was required and I wasn't paid any $ for my opinion. Thanks!


Crafty Christmas Cards Idea

Christmas Cards & Christmas Greetings has the cutest Christmas & Holiday cards I've seen in a long time. You have the choice to have them made with photos, without, as a postcard (or a flat card) or as a ornament. I really like the ornament style. It's a great way to display your family photos each year and a great way to see your kids grow.

There are a number of ways you can display these cute "ornament photo cards". Check this one out.:


To make a display or organize your yearly ornament photo cards:
Supplies needed: 1 frame in the size desired, scrapbook paper, adhesive "dots" or tape. If you prefer to use little pins I would use a foam board that's sturdy and that will fit in your frame.

1) Take a frame and remove the glass and the back. 
2) Attach a piece of scrapbook paper or 9 smaller squares if you want the back of each ornament to be different. One whole sheet will make it look more "organized" and I would think less "busy". If you make it with 9 different papers (patterned or plain) then I would make a graph with 9 equal sized squares to evenly place the squares. (Just use a pencil and very lightly draw on your "graph".
3) Lay your ornaments out in the order you want them on your background.
4) To adhere the "ornaments" you can do a few different things. 
    A) Use scrapbooking dots and adhere it to the center of each square (or 2 per square)
    B) Use double sided tape (I'd do 2 small strips on top/bottom of each ornament).
5) Carefully apply your ornaments to the board and put the frame together. You can use the glass or not - if you don't use the glass it will look more 3D and you can use the dots that make the ornaments stand out more.
Rockin' Holiday Party Invitations

Be sure to go to and look around at their Christmas cards, Hanakkuh cards and holiday invitations. They have some darling ones. Their cards start as low as $1.99 each (10 round cards like above are $3.49 each). You can get them with photos or without. The round ones and the square ones I used in my example are printed on both sides w/ the back in a contrasting print (no photo). You could actually write a message on the back or put your family name and the year on the back.

Your turn:
If you have any great ideas for:
1) Displaying Christmas cards.
2) Any favorite holiday photo tips or traditions.
3) Craft ideas
4) Anything you'd like see in the Tiny Print line of cards (ie - recycling, kids cards, etc)

Bloggers are invited to share their ideas about using cards in home decor. Just fill out the application here:

Follow Tiny Prints:



Count Your Blessings Blog Hop & Giveaway Linky! WK 3

I went to a FUN Chic Connect Boutique today before I went to work where they had some of the neatest crafts and vendors. I actually walked out with 2 cute rose buds for my jacket which I've been wanting for a while. I love 'em both! I also saw a vendor with some neat name signs using photographed letters (the ones using architecture that looks like a letter) and then there was a gal there who had those neat beaded watches where you can change the band and the watch head to match your wardrobe or if you just need something different.

Today's Featured Giveaway is a really neat one. NatureExplorers is offering 3 of my readers a copy of their Advent Activity eBook. There are all kinds of Outdoor activities, things for your family to learn about how the animals live during the winter - what do they eat? what do their tracks look like? There are also crafts to make for gifts, advent crafts and more. Be sure to sign up - it's got LOW Entries - you have a Great chance of winning.

PS: I had a teacher friend take a look at the lessons and activities in the ebook and she was so excited to see something like this activity book that families could use to play together and just have fun learning about nature.

Superpoints: Are you a member yet? Would you like to be? When you are a part of Superpoints you earn points through different activities like watching videos, doing & completing activities - or the easiest way is to play "Spin the Super Wheel" (this is the only one I do - my goal is to get either some Amazon GC's or else Starbucks - can't go wrong with either of those). I have several invitations and if you'd like one help yourself. If it says it isn't available try the next number (just click on it) - or if none of them work then just drop me an email @ wswpub (at) and let me know so I can send you a invite. =D 


Count Your Blessings Blog Hop & Giveaway Linkies - Wk 3


Link up your blogs - and share your Favorite Family Activity for fall! Be sure to link up to your post about Fall Activities!  Thanks so much!

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Link UP any Family Friendly Giveaways you have on your blog! Thanks so much!
Be sure to ADD the end date and WHO can enter!

Use this format:
WIN a NatureExplore Activity Book! 11/2, WW (that means Worldwide)
The Link goes here

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Guest Post - Say.... Simply All You

SAY...Anything You Want
I started SAY five years ago in my craft room (where I still work today) when I too became frustrated with the mass-produced, inadequate gifts I was left to choose from on the crowded store shelves. So I decided, why not really give a gift? Why not think about each person and make them a gift they can not only use but they’ll want to show off. My family members became my guinea pigs and off I went.

What's New at SAY...?

Are you tired of constantly searching for the perfect gift for that special someone? It can take hours of your time running from store to store only to be disappointed with the same ole mass-produced products. This leaves you card, but if you’re like me, I always feel these are a bit impersonal. So what’s left?

SAY...Simply All YouThese unique, one-of-a-kind gifts are made just for the person receiving it. From hobbies, favourite colours, careers, personality, or a specific holiday, my gift containers are sure to be a hit.

PictureI stocked up on crafting supplies, (glue, glitter, stickers, ribbon, paint, paper) and recycled or new containers (baskets, boxes, mugs, tubes, jars, bottles) in plastic, wood, glass, cardboard, cloth, wicker or tin - nothing was safe in my creative clutches. Soon my small space (spare bedroom) was/is overflowing with stuff waiting to become the ideal present.

I worked diligently and creatively investing my time and efforts to bring as much uniqueness to my gifts as each family member possessed. Happily, they went wild and started asking me to make gifts for their shopping list as well.

However, after hearing "you really should start your own business" so many times from everyone I worked for, I ran out excuses of why I shouldn’t and began to SAY...Why Not?

What do I know about running a business? Not much, but with the help of the internet and a very user-friendly web site builder (IPower) I have been able to move this little boutique from a fun thing to do for my family to a unique, one-of-a-kind, gift-giving experience for anyone that wants to SAY...Simply All You.

Check out SAY on the web at; and SAY Blog at;

Sandie lee is a freelance writer and the blog editor for Imagination-Café and Spigot online magazines. She resides in Ontario Canada with her (very understanding) Hubby of 16 years and her 2 furry feline "children."


Nature Explorers: Through the Holidays (Review/Giveaway)

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.  Day after 
day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge.  There is no speech or 
language where their voice is not heard.”  Psalm 19:1-3

Nature Explorers: A mini book of Nature Studies through the Holidays
by Cindy West and Melissa Leach
Published by Shining Dawn Books
$5.00 Electronic book

How many of you remember playing outside FOR HOURS? Building forts, climbing trees, running through the fields on grandpa's farm (or your dad's bosses farm like me), riding horses that technically "weren't broke", playing in the hay mow or ice skating on the pond in your boots?

This mini-nature study allows your kids to learn about Advent using carefully chosen scripture verses & a list of suggest hymns you can use during your family time. The unit starts by opening with an explanation of how Advent is celebrated each week includes discussions and ideas for learning about:

Your children will:
1) Learn about Prophecy, Bethlehem, Shepherds & Angels. They will learn about the symbolism inherent in Advent - or if you don't want to focus on Symbolism you can use Advent to discuss concepts such as Peace, Joy & Love which is part of the Christmas season.
2) Observe their surroundings in fields and in the wild, learn about the habitat and what animals eat in the winter.
3) Think about how we show love and concern for animals and our surroundings.
4) Create their own advent wreath and various nature themed crafts for gifts, make Christmas decorations, 
5) Experience nature through walks, observing the trees, tame & wild animals,  study seeds, berries & nuts, trees and foliage. If you have time you can also study animal tracks, go on a thankful hunt and more.

There is so much that Homeschoolers, teachers, preschools, after school programs can do with a program such as the NaturExplorer curriculum and there are so many different units you can use with your children through out the year. This is a program you can use year after year - you can tweak it to fit the ages of your kids and if you have quite an age span you can have the older kids work with the younger ones in a team building exercise. 

To Purchase & a Giveaway!
You can purchase this mini unit for $5 on their website - it's a great way to get to review their curriculum and see it's something you'd like to add to your classrooms, homeschool curriculum, etc!  Shining Dawn Books is giving 3 of my readers a copy of the Advent Unit to use with your family, classroom, after school program - where ever you want! I know you are going to be as impressed as I am! 


My Fall BucketList...

(A Favorite!)

My Bucketlist - What's Yours?

Decorate for Fall * Statue Stalking
Pumpkin Carving Contest * Wreath Making
* Craft Shopping (and idea gathering) *
Hot Apple Cider * Baking Cookies
Quilting * Stocking Making * Reading

Yes, I spent time on Pinterest tonight. How many of you use Pinterest for all those things that catch your eye, make you think that "maybe" you'll get to do even 1/10th of the things in there? I'm not sure why but it seems like every Fall I get this surge of craftiness and the urge to "do something". I came across a Fall Bucketlist that someone created (sorry it just said it was from So, it's anonymous) and I love this idea! What's on YOUR Bucketlist?

I thought I'd sit down and make up my own bucketlist - perhaps I'll actually get one or two of the things done in between literacy events, work and all the other ideas that I've got moving doing the locomotion in my head. Last year I saw some neat ideas for Snowflake Art and thought I'd try my hand. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find the snowflakes so I made a really cute pumpkin design so that's one thing off my list. Watch for a post on how to make it coming it - it's super easy and took about 15 minutes to make. =D (I'm still looking for the snowflakes). I've also made up my Pumpkin Cookies already - I took those to an Open House yesterday and they were a BIG hit! Thanks Better Homes & Gardens & MommyGaga!

I'd love to see your Pinterest Boards! Let's connect!  Pinterest Logo (follow me)

You might like to see this:
Example of Bucketlist  


Smilebox - My Newsletter!

Look what I made on Smilebox! You can also make up holiday greeting cards, invitations, scrapbook, newsletters and more! Check it out!:

Click to play this Smilebox newsletter
Create your own newsletter - Powered by Smilebox
Newsletter personalized with Smilebox
Today's  Blog Hops & Giveaway Linkies:
Mommy Of Two Little Monkeys Photobucket Tuesday Blog Hop 10/11


Count Your Blessings Blog Hop & Giveaway LInky Wk 2!

Thanks for visiting Holiday Traditions this weekend! This blog hop and Giveaway linky will run Friday - Sunday night @ midnight. Feel free to link up your Family Friendly posts and giveaways. Thanks!

- Next Week - 
pumpkin icon
Plan on linking up a post about your families favorite Fall Activity to do together! Is it a trip to the pumpkin patch, going to the zoo, building a giant leaf pile and jumping in? Or maybe it's building a cosy fire and playing games together with a nice hot chocolate and homemade cookies? 
PS: I want to see pictures too! =D

This week's Featured Giveaway:
My featured giveaway for this weekend is an awesome one! I would love to have you ALL enter - it would make a GREAT stocking stuffer or birthday gift!

Photo Props & More Review & Giveaway


One of my readers will WIN one of these darling little headbands for their baby or little girl. They would be darling to wear to church, out for lunch with grandma, playtime, getting their pictures taken (anyone need to get those pictures taken for Christmas Cards or Grandmas?).

Link up your Fall Recipes, Crafts, Fall Fun Family Activities and whatever else that triggers your creative spirit! I can't wait to follow along...

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Giveaway Linky - Link up
Be sure to use this format when you link up:  

____________, 10/19, US

Please tell us WHO can enter: US, Canada or WW (wordwide) ~ Thanks!

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Virtual Care Packages

ThriftyThurs Thrifty Thursday Week 44

Hanes has created Virtual Care Packages that you can send to Friends and Family - there FREE and very EASY to send. You can send them for many reasons such as:
  • To tell your MOM that you love her!
  • To remind your BEST FRIEND to do her monthly self exam
  • To encourage a RELATIVE or FRIEND during their chemo for BREAST CANCER.
Each time you send a FREE Virtual Care Package Hanes will donate $1 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. (up to $25,000) to promote early cancer detection and provide mammograms for those in need.

Creating your care package is so easy to do.... It's fully customizable. You can send music, a T-shirt you designed to encourage them, videos, photo's, recipes and messages. That part is free. If you'd like to purchase the T-shirt you designed for them you can do that too (but it's not required).

To send your Virtual Care Package just click on the image to the right ------> and you'll go right to Hane's facebook page. You will need to "like" the page first and then just click on the pink tab if you don't go there right away. You have your choice of music, T-shirts, recipes and more. AND you can upload photos and videos you have too.

Note: I'm not sure if you have to design one package per individual or if you can design one and they'll donate $1 per person you send the care package too. I'm thinking it's per package - not per person. =D

I'd love to know if you have sent a Virtual Care Package and to whom...

Disclosure: I participated in this campaign as a member of One2One Network and am eligible for a prize drawing. All opinions stated in the post are my own.


Photo Props & More ~ Etsy Review & Giveaway

Photo Props & More
Your Source to Boutique Items @ Non-Boutique Prices!

Are you starting to think about getting your holiday family pictures or needing some great Dance Props for an upcoming Dance Recital? You need to check out Photo Props & More. They have just what you need - Hats, All Things PettiLeg WarmersTiesTutusFairy PrincessNecklacesHair Clips and Tiaras.


It's All Fun and Games....


Do you have an annual Halloween party? I just received this very fun game and thought I'd share my thoughts with you. The Clues, Spells and Curses Scavenger Hunt was created by Party Games Plus and involves a combination Scavenger Hunt, Treasure Hunt and Murder Mystery. It includes everything you need with the exception of the "magical ingredients" which are made from items in your home. You also receive the labels for the magical ingredients, the clues and the curses (and the curse breaking cards of course) - and the instructions for the game. To prepare you just copy and cut, put into envelopes and hand them out to teams of players.

Here is the breakdown of the game:
Your guest will hunt for scavenger hunt clues to solve the mystery, fall victim to curses and have to do what's on the curses cards until someone else finds a way to reverse the curse using the magical ingredients and reverse spell cards. AND to make it even more fun you use game money to buy, bribe, and borrow clues, spells and potions from other teams. 

Doesn't that sound like fun?
I was trying to come up with a way to play it online like a blog hop - but I'd need some help from some of the blog hop pros like Simply Stacie. I was thinking it would be a lot of fun to hide the clues throughout the "Creep-O-Sphere" and visit those blogs to find the clues & solve the mystery.

Now, this is a game for adults - but there were a few other games for kids or families to work on together. You could have a Pirate Treasure Hunt (ages 5-9) - the kid's come in costume, you award prizes for costumes and the kids solve riddles to play the game & find the treasure. And there are all kinds of other games, including Wii Party Games

What games caught your eye at

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. No money exchanged hands and I was not required to give a positive review.


Autumn Wreath Inspiration

Ramblings of a Christian Momautumn flower wreathPhotobucket

I thought for my first post this holiday season I would post about some beautiful fall wreath tutorials that I've found in blogdom. 

1) This beautiful autumn wreath is from a wonderful blog called Jones Design Company. She has another wreath that I'm in love with too - it's made from the pages of a book. She uses items found around the house to create her craft projects and the tutorials that she creates makes it look so very easy.  You can find the autumn wreath or the book page wreath by clicking on the name of the wreath.

Paper Punch Fall Leaf Wreath

2) Crafts and Coffee has a roundup of 7 wreaths for you to check out. My favorite is this one that I've just posted the picture. The shimmery leaves almost look like a light is behind them and they kind of glow. Isn't it gorgeous? It's made using a paper punch and shimmery paper to create the leaves. You can find the tutorial here. She also has a wide variety of other varieties of wreaths - everything from crafty, to a Fall Penny wreath, to a Feather and mushroom wreaths (tutorial on another site). 

3) Make It and Love It has a wonderful autumn greetings wreath that is simple and won't break the bank when you get the supplies! I personally suggest you get the sign (if you aren't an artist) from Hobby Lobby when they have the wood signs 50% off. It seems like they go on sale every other week - so it won't be a hardship to find a week they are on sale. =D Here is the tutorial, The tutorial shows you not only how to make the wreath itself but also has a good example of how to make the bow. 

And, here's my wreath that I made last night:

Fall Posies Wreath

I had a lovely spring wreath that I bought at a big craft show about 6 years ago. I think I loved it to death! Anyway, I was going to try and fix it and put it back together using a hot glue gun and I couldn't.  All the sticks kept falling out and I gave up. So, then I thought "I'll just buy a new base & use the flowers from the original wreath" - and of course, then I saw a "bush" of these flowers at Hobby Lobby and used those instead. 

When I make my wreaths I like to group the flowers (or whatever) in groups of three and either do the design in a crescent design on a round wreath or I'll do it just across the bottom. I had so many flowers for this one I ended up doing it all the way around.

(Sorry, it's a little fuzzy. I used my camera phone) 

I'd love to see some of your wreaths! Why don't you link up your pics and toots?

Falling Christmas Object Gadget