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Christmas Cards & Christmas Greetings has the cutest Christmas & Holiday cards I've seen in a long time. You have the choice to have them made with photos, without, as a postcard (or a flat card) or as a ornament. I really like the ornament style. It's a great way to display your family photos each year and a great way to see your kids grow.

There are a number of ways you can display these cute "ornament photo cards". Check this one out.:


To make a display or organize your yearly ornament photo cards:
Supplies needed: 1 frame in the size desired, scrapbook paper, adhesive "dots" or tape. If you prefer to use little pins I would use a foam board that's sturdy and that will fit in your frame.

1) Take a frame and remove the glass and the back. 
2) Attach a piece of scrapbook paper or 9 smaller squares if you want the back of each ornament to be different. One whole sheet will make it look more "organized" and I would think less "busy". If you make it with 9 different papers (patterned or plain) then I would make a graph with 9 equal sized squares to evenly place the squares. (Just use a pencil and very lightly draw on your "graph".
3) Lay your ornaments out in the order you want them on your background.
4) To adhere the "ornaments" you can do a few different things. 
    A) Use scrapbooking dots and adhere it to the center of each square (or 2 per square)
    B) Use double sided tape (I'd do 2 small strips on top/bottom of each ornament).
5) Carefully apply your ornaments to the board and put the frame together. You can use the glass or not - if you don't use the glass it will look more 3D and you can use the dots that make the ornaments stand out more.
Rockin' Holiday Party Invitations

Be sure to go to and look around at their Christmas cards, Hanakkuh cards and holiday invitations. They have some darling ones. Their cards start as low as $1.99 each (10 round cards like above are $3.49 each). You can get them with photos or without. The round ones and the square ones I used in my example are printed on both sides w/ the back in a contrasting print (no photo). You could actually write a message on the back or put your family name and the year on the back.

Your turn:
If you have any great ideas for:
1) Displaying Christmas cards.
2) Any favorite holiday photo tips or traditions.
3) Craft ideas
4) Anything you'd like see in the Tiny Print line of cards (ie - recycling, kids cards, etc)

Bloggers are invited to share their ideas about using cards in home decor. Just fill out the application here:

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