Halloween by Family Fun (Magazine Review)

Halloween Magazine
Halloween by Family Fun (Magazine)
by Disney Publishing Worldwide
Age 8-12, $9.99
Available at a store near you

It's hard to believe it's almost Halloween but it is, and I'm sure your kid's have been sharing their costume ideas since school started (or maybe summer?).

The special Halloween edition of Family Fun is packed with FUN ideas for costumes, crafts, pumpkin ideas and treats (gotta have treats).  There are bonuses too - easy ideas for Halloween parties, clip art decorations and even more.

Retro Robot Halloween CostumeThe costume section comes with a supply list and many of the supplies are things you have around the house like - cardboard boxes (need a big one? Ask at Sears or the local appliance or furniture store if they have any dishwasher size boxes (or whatever size you need). Paint, brushes, foil, margarine tubs and plastic cups are just a few of the items you may need.

There are ideas for: a Perky Penguin, a Pink Poodle, a Ladybug, a really cool Retro Robot (my favorite lol) or how about a Washing Machine or a MP Player?

How about some cool craft ideas?
A couple of the crafts I loved the most were Mr Bottle Bones & the Tie Dyed Pumpkin Shirts! You can also make a tabletop haunted house, a giant spider or get some great pumpkin & gourd ideas.

No party is complete without treats!
(aren't they cute?)


Christmas Suggestion:
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Holiday Traditions is going to give away 1 copy of Halloween to a lucky reader. Is it going to be you?


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