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I thought for my first post this holiday season I would post about some beautiful fall wreath tutorials that I've found in blogdom. 

1) This beautiful autumn wreath is from a wonderful blog called Jones Design Company. She has another wreath that I'm in love with too - it's made from the pages of a book. She uses items found around the house to create her craft projects and the tutorials that she creates makes it look so very easy.  You can find the autumn wreath or the book page wreath by clicking on the name of the wreath.

Paper Punch Fall Leaf Wreath

2) Crafts and Coffee has a roundup of 7 wreaths for you to check out. My favorite is this one that I've just posted the picture. The shimmery leaves almost look like a light is behind them and they kind of glow. Isn't it gorgeous? It's made using a paper punch and shimmery paper to create the leaves. You can find the tutorial here. She also has a wide variety of other varieties of wreaths - everything from crafty, to a Fall Penny wreath, to a Feather and mushroom wreaths (tutorial on another site). 

3) Make It and Love It has a wonderful autumn greetings wreath that is simple and won't break the bank when you get the supplies! I personally suggest you get the sign (if you aren't an artist) from Hobby Lobby when they have the wood signs 50% off. It seems like they go on sale every other week - so it won't be a hardship to find a week they are on sale. =D Here is the tutorial, The tutorial shows you not only how to make the wreath itself but also has a good example of how to make the bow. 

And, here's my wreath that I made last night:

Fall Posies Wreath

I had a lovely spring wreath that I bought at a big craft show about 6 years ago. I think I loved it to death! Anyway, I was going to try and fix it and put it back together using a hot glue gun and I couldn't.  All the sticks kept falling out and I gave up. So, then I thought "I'll just buy a new base & use the flowers from the original wreath" - and of course, then I saw a "bush" of these flowers at Hobby Lobby and used those instead. 

When I make my wreaths I like to group the flowers (or whatever) in groups of three and either do the design in a crescent design on a round wreath or I'll do it just across the bottom. I had so many flowers for this one I ended up doing it all the way around.

(Sorry, it's a little fuzzy. I used my camera phone) 

I'd love to see some of your wreaths! Why don't you link up your pics and toots?


  1. Thank you so much for featuring Crafts 'n Coffee and our Wreath Roundup! Sharon

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I LOVE wreaths.

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  4. Lovely wreaths!!

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  5. Those are beautiful wreaths.

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  6. I love that first one. It's so classic.


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