My Fall BucketList...

(A Favorite!)

My Bucketlist - What's Yours?

Decorate for Fall * Statue Stalking
Pumpkin Carving Contest * Wreath Making
* Craft Shopping (and idea gathering) *
Hot Apple Cider * Baking Cookies
Quilting * Stocking Making * Reading

Yes, I spent time on Pinterest tonight. How many of you use Pinterest for all those things that catch your eye, make you think that "maybe" you'll get to do even 1/10th of the things in there? I'm not sure why but it seems like every Fall I get this surge of craftiness and the urge to "do something". I came across a Fall Bucketlist that someone created (sorry it just said it was from So, it's anonymous) and I love this idea! What's on YOUR Bucketlist?

I thought I'd sit down and make up my own bucketlist - perhaps I'll actually get one or two of the things done in between literacy events, work and all the other ideas that I've got moving doing the locomotion in my head. Last year I saw some neat ideas for Snowflake Art and thought I'd try my hand. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find the snowflakes so I made a really cute pumpkin design so that's one thing off my list. Watch for a post on how to make it coming it - it's super easy and took about 15 minutes to make. =D (I'm still looking for the snowflakes). I've also made up my Pumpkin Cookies already - I took those to an Open House yesterday and they were a BIG hit! Thanks Better Homes & Gardens & MommyGaga!

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