Cookbooks, Couponing DVD's & Gadgets Oh My!

This week I will be focusing on Cookbooks & Gadgets that make great gifts. You will find reviews on Holiday Traditions and also on GivingNSharing & hopefully a giveaway that will include books & DVD's from both blogs. =D.

Cookbooks are great to give to so many people. They fit with kids, adults, experienced cooks & those that hate to cook. You can give a cookbook, wrap it in an apron, kitchen towels or put it in a gift basket. OR you can give it with a gift card to a grocery store. Wouldn't that be a great gift?

Usually MEN are the hardest to shop for (IMO) but when it comes to cookbooks I find it pretty easy to find one. All you need to know is: 1) Does he LIKE to cook. No? 2) Does he like SPORTS? Yes?

If he's a sports MANiac then look into cookbooks like:
  or Beer-Can Chicken or Indoor Grilling

Most men enjoy Grilling & Steven Raichlen & Bob Sloan have 3 great cookbooks that are perfect for Home & On the Tailgate of your truck! Personally I suggest a copy of the cookbook, new grilling tools and maybe either a big bag of charcoal or a tank of gas for a gas grill. I've heard that there are hard-core guys who grill in blizzards but for those that don't (or us ladies who have to much to do to stand in the middle of a snow storm) I included the Indoor Grilling book.

0"Stocking Stuffer Ideas: 
Check out ANY of the tools by OXO - they're hardy, have a great warranty and are easy to grip. 

0"Corn Cob Holders - great for little hands & big hands. The prongs slide in easily and are large. Comes as a set of 8 and have strong, stainless steel pins w/ soft, oversized, non-slip handles.  $10.99

Set of 4 Grilling Tools -  Set includes the turner, tongs, silicone basting brush and a hook. Made of durable stainless steel with beech wood grips. All have an extended length for safety and the tongs lock closed for convenient storage.

One other thing you might consider for your Guy this Christmas (or Father's Day) is a gift set packed with salsas or Grilling sauces. Salsa's don't have to be limited to chips - you can also use them as sauces to bake in or in place of your canned tomatoes in a pot of soup. Be sure to check out either of these two brands: DL Jardines - Salsa's & Grilling Sauces Mild to HOT (Check out their Peach Salsa & Salsa Bobo's). Like it REALLY HOT? Try Ass-Kickin' Salsas & Sauces!

Click to view larger product image. Ass Kickin Hot Sauces


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