A FUN Giveaway for all Hobbits, Wizards & Elves....

Hollow Book Secret Safe (LORD of the RINGS The Fellowship of the Ring)
The Lord of the Rings Secret Safe Book by Secret Safe Books (an Etsy Shop)

I have a FUN Giveaway for you by Secret Safe Books! I was offered the opportunity to giveaway one of my Favorite Books which is also a Secret Safe to keep your valuables safe. Yep, it's The Lord of the Rings.

Each of the safes are created from a book and the interior is carved using a scroll saw, it's hardcover and covered with cloth in black with a embossed script of the One Ring in metallic orange surrounding the Eye of Sauron. The title/author is in silver on the spine. There are original dark gray endpapers lining the interior and the hollow part is lined with the Map of Mordor. The pages of the book are secured with book binding glue and it's completed with magnets that snap shut.

Hollow Book Secret Safe (LORD of the RINGS The Fellowship of the Ring)The interior hollow portion is 4 5/16 W x 6 7/16 L x 1 1/4 deep - big enough to hold jewelry, your spare keys, passports, extra money and more!

Some of the books have flasks which make them the perfect gift for the guy in your life who likes a little sip or two and some of them are empty so you can fill it with something special to you or him. There are even a couple that have cute hearts in the middle which would make them perfect for a wedding gift.

The Secret Safe Books are great gifts for guys (and girls) of all ages, those HARD TO BUY for people, and anyone who is a FAN of great literature, books & reading.

John is offering one of my readers The Lord of the Rings Secret Safe Book. Please be sure to follow ME on G+ (Click Here) to enter. Thanks!


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  2. I'm sorry I forgot to put my etsy and GFC name in the first entry extra info > it's astroqueen67 :) Holly Hennessy Swint

  3. I soooo forgot to paste the link to the book I put!

    Tiffany Byrd Chruch

  4. I hearted the shop on Etsy and my favorite is the
    Hollow Book Safe with Heart (LOVE STORIES)


  5. favorited (as LadyMiranda82)

    I like the Wedding Letters & To Kill a Mocking bird


  6. already had you circled ;) now following via GFC

  7. My son would love the Hardy Boys one.


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