Holiday Desserts ~ Review & Giveaway

I think part of the magic of the holidays are Desserts. We spend hours planning our treats, baking cookies, preparing "In a Jar" gifts and then we eat them all up in just a few days. So, when someone has Celiac or is sensitive to dairy, eggs, soy or any other number of foods it can ruin a holiday if they can't resist just one teeny tiny little piece of pumpkin pie or a Santa shaped sugar cookie.

The Ice Dream Cookbook
by Chef Rachel Albert-Matesz
ISBN: 9780964126725
280 pages, 80 recipes
Order $25 Paperback 

Chef Rachel Albert-Matesz "The Healthy Cooking Coach" came to the rescue of the thousands of people who don't tolerate dairy, casein or gluten when she released The Ice Dream Cookbook.  She created a book full of Dairy Free Ice Cream Alternatives - YUM!

The recipes in The Ice Dream Cookbook are made from coconut milk paired with  wheat and gluten free, naturally sweetened cookies, compotes and sauces. Not only does she give suggestions on buying and using herbal sweeteners, healthy fats and oils, easy-to-use ice cream makers, and other kitchen items. The directions are clear & detailed and Chef Rachel makes them easy to follow and succeed. Countless hours and people have tried each recipe and they have tweaked them until each recipe is as delicious as "real" ice cream.

Here are few of the 80+ recipes found in this cookbook:
* Hot Fudge Sauce 
* Mango Sauce
* Carob Sauce
* Raspberry Sauce
* Lemon Cookie Crumble Ice Dream
* Green Tea Ice Dream
* Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Dream
* Vanilla Brownie Crumble Ice Dream
* Vanilla Fudge Ripple Ice Dream
Dark Chocolate-Dipped Date Nut Truffles 
* Chocolate Chip Cookies
* Pumpkin & Gingerbread Spice Cookies
* Baked Blueberry Peach Compote
* Graham Crackers

Purchase The Ice Dream Cookbook @ The Garden of Eating 

Chef Rachel is joining in with the Culinary Treats giveaway this weekend. Click here to enter and you might just WIN a copy of The Ice Dream Cookbook to keep or give to a friend who has food sensitivities (just tell them you get the first bowl of Ice Dream!).


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