The Snowman's Revenge by Mark Smythe

The Snowman's Revenge
by Mark Smythe
Illustrations by Mike Motz
ISBN: 978-0982270400
Age 4-8, paperback $9.99

What do you remember on days filled with snow and NO school? Snowball fights? Sledding? Snow Angels? How about building a snowman?

Based on an original bedtime story the author told to his 2 kids, Cassandra and Alexander, Mark Smythe published "The Snowman's Revenge" to share with all the little boys and girls with a day home from school. What happens when right after a snowman is built and abandoned by those little boys and girls for hot chocolate and indoor play?

How about The Snowman's Revenge

With full color illustrations and lots of rhyming words, Mark Smythe and the illustration Mike Motz tell a story that is sure to catch your kid's attention, fill their little minds with all kinds of ideas and beg to hear it again and again. The big exaggerated comic-type pictures & the facial expressions on the character's faces are funny and the words are included as some of the illustrations. An example would be as the snowman moves up the stairs the words on the risers of the stair say --->


The suggested age range is 4-8 but you may want to read it first and if you think your kids might be scared you might want to read it earlier in the day or wait till they are a little older. It's a really good book and I'm sure it will become a family tradition to pull out this book year after year.

Much thanks to Mark Smythe and The Cadence Group for sending a copy of The Snowman's Revenge for review on Holiday Traditions. I wasn't required to write a positive review and no money exchanged hands. 

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