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PhotobucketHow old were you when you figured out who Santa was? I was 7 riding in Dad's pickup with his new wife at the time and just came out of the blue and told her I knew who Santa was. She didn't believe me at the time that I didn't already know - I think she was a little surprised that I didn't. But Dad had always kept that part of Christmas special. I can remember going to Havelock (Nebraska) with him to visit Santa's house every year. Santa's house was a little cottage on wheels that was brought in and set up right next to Havelock Bank (where else?) - parents could find out what we kids wanted and then go to the bank and get the $ for those gifts (talk about marketing!).

I know my sister and brother never had that luxury. Sue (my stepmom) and my Dad talked about Santa but Matt & Tara always knew they were Santa. They never really went Trick or Treating or went to visit the Easter Bunny. We have pictures of me doing all of those things - but they never got to. In a way I'm sorry they never had that special anticipation of who Santa was.

So, what happens in your family when your kids figure it out? Do you do anything special?

The Santa Club
by Kelly Moss
ISBN: 978-0982134016
32 pages, Age - when kids ask
$10.17 on Amazon

About the book:
A delightful book with captivating illustrations, The Santa Club transitions your child from receiving gifts to experiencing the joy of giving. With sensitivity, faith and love, The Santa Club tackles the serious question, Is Santa Claus real? 

My thoughts:
The Santa Club is a book designed to help parents break the news about Santa (or answer their kid's questions) without crushing that special feeling of Santa and what he does.

The Santa Club came into being when Kelly Moss' oldest son came out and asked one day, "Is Santa Real?". Of course Kelly froze and her MIL stepped in gracefully and explained WHO Santa really was and how Santa's work continues to this day by members of "The Santa Club".

This book is written for parents to sit down with their children when that day comes (and it will). From start to end it explains everything to your kids in a way they understand without overdoing the explaining - and it takes the attention off the parents and what they had told the kids over the years.

Finally the book invites kid's into The Santa Club. They get to "agree" and sign up online to join The Santa Club. They can post a picture of themselves (if it's OK w/ mom/dad) and find out ways that they and their family can give to others. It's a really neat idea and long overdue.

The website also has valuable information on giving to others and includes links to several charities along with the opportunity to give directly from the website.

More Information:
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A copy of The Santa Club was donated to Holiday Traditions for review purposes. I wasn't required to write a positive review and no money exchanged hands. It's a wonderful book and would be a great gift for any families bookshelf - and would even make a great Baby Shower gift for a 1st Baby.


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  3. We always celebrated "Santa" as an aspect of Christmas but they always knew the truth about Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc. When I was a child, I wasn't very happy when I realized I'd been lied to. I felt tricked.

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  4. This looks like a very interesting book. Thanks for sharing it.

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  5. Small world!! I know exactly where Havelock is at! I grew up there :)

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  6. I imagine it's tough having to break the news to children, I really like the concept behind this. Looks like a very interesting book.


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