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Having known what it is to wear glasses since I was 8 I know what it is like to not be able to see. Imagine not being able to see the fine details of a leaf on a tree, a little ladybug on a flower or the print on a book or newspaper. Most of us would just go to the doctor and get our eyes checked and new glasses made up. 

With the economy so poor right now what happens when Dad has just gotten laid off and little Janey needs eyeglasses because she can't see at school? Or a retired couple has to cut back on medical expenses because they need medication - or maybe they cut back on food so they can get glasses? has come to the rescue! With frames starting at $49 and many including the lenses in the total cost of the glasses, has now made it much easier for families to afford the eyeglasses they need. They can have cheap glasses with fashionable, quality frames in many different styles and lens types such as single vision and reading glasses, along with multi-focal and bifocal glasses.

All glasses come with a 110% lowest price guarantee, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, free quality lenses are included with every frame along with a generous refer-a-friend program. Stay up to date all happenings on Facebook @ Twitter.

Gift idea: Consider donating the funds for NEW glasses to an elderly person, a school or church family, a nursing home or a mission near you. Many of the frames are between $49-$89 dollars and include single vision lenses. So you would be helping someone have a better life by giving the Gift of Sight. 

This post is a 'sponsored post' from and I received a small amount to write and post it. I only write about programs and services that I believe in and feel that my readers might be interested in. The Gift idea is my own.


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