Usborne Books - The Books Kids Love to Read!

Everyone who has ever read an Usborne Book knows Kids Love to Read them!  Why?

  • There are Double Page Spreads dedicated to one subject,
  • Unlimited Activities designed to keep kids involved in what they're reading, 
  • Cut-Away Pictures so you can See Inside things like Castles, Pirate Ships, the Body and more!  
  • Bite Size Knowledge provides the answer a kid wants in short distinct paragraphs.  This encourages kids to read and the information is "easily filed" in their brain - thus it's easily recalled.
  • Step-By-Step formats enable children to learn a task (such as drawing an animal) in a manner that enables them to succeed.  Children learn to check themselves as they do the work - this is a skill that is better learned now then when they are struggling to complete a difficult math or science concept.
Even children who don't like to read Usborne Books - with a high ratio of picture to text.  Text is broken up by headings and illustrations and kids don't feel overwhelmed when they look at a book.  Many of our books are activity based so kids don't feel they are learning or reading while they are completing a task within the story or book.

You will find many different groupings and themes available for kids at the Usborne Books website.  There are many ways to order the books you want:  Get them FREE through a homeshow or catalog show, your school or church can host a BookFair and receive FREE Books for their Library or classrooms, or you can order them online at:  My Usborne Books


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