Happy Halloween!

Halloween has really changed since I was kid in more ways than one.  How many of you remember walking around the neighborhood filling bag after bag FULL of candy?  Not having to have parents with you, making your own costumes and actually saying "Trick or Treat" and "Thank You"?  
When I was a kid preparing for Halloween began when school started.  This meant making a decision about what I wanted to be and then mom and I thinking about outfits, props - the planning was way more than 3/4 of the fun.  We would hit the goodwill and find clothes that could be used to make up a scarecrow, a witch, a gypsy lady (can you tell I was a reader?), or whatever else I could come up with.  I know one year my brother was an "old lady", Mike "the refrigerator" (I think his name was Mike - he was a Cornhusker, of course - nope, I just looked it upline, he was actually William Perry).  
I know over the years that we never went to a costume store or a halloween prop store.  Actually I doubt they were around at that time.  I thought I'd share with you a few of Usborne's Make & Do Books and Kid Kits that would help with planning that special Halloween costume.

Fairies?  Fairies can be fairy godmothers or evil fairies like in your favorite storybook.  Which would you be?
This enchanting book is teeming with delightful projects. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions to make pictures, pretty little bags, a tooth fairy purse, fairy pillows and lots more. Even if you’ve never sewn anything before, you’ll be able to follow the instructions for sewing different stitches, and attaching sparkling sequins and shimmering beads.  Big Book of Fairy Things to Make and Do  or Fairytale Things to Make and Do

Wizard?  Wander into the wonderful world of wizards in this magical activity book. By following the simple steps, you can create spellbinding wizards, enchanted castles, a bubbling cauldron and warty toads. You’ll also find out how to make magic wands and wizard hats, creepy cats and bouncing bats. With over 250 silvery stickers to add extra magic to everything you make.  Wizard Things to Make and Do

Princess?  What little girl hasn't dreamed about being a princess?  This kit includes Little Princess Treasury book, simulated diamond tiara, jeweled bracelet, as well as 10 innovative and fun stick-on body jewels with cosmetic glue (adult supervision recommended), and suggestions for creative princess activities.  Princess Jewelry Kid KitPrincess Things to Make and DoPrincess Handbook

Monsters - What kind of monster would you like to be?  A Scarrrrry Monster?  A cute furry little monster like Elmo? Or maybe an Alien Monster from Mars?  You’ll find monsters lurking in every corner of this fantastic activity book – they’re hiding in cupboards, swimming in the sea, flying in the air and squelching around in a swamp. Follow the simple steps to make monster finger puppets, wobbling monsters, pop-up cards, dangly monsters and lots more. You can also make a monster mask and hands, so that you can look like a monster too! There are over 400 stickers for you to stick onto the things you’ve made.  Monster Things to Make and Do

Be a Pirate!
You can be Blackbeard, Jack "The Sparrow",  or any other pirate you want to be!  Take a leap into the swashbuckling world of pirates as you tackle the projects in this exciting kit. Make a shining sword, a treasure chest, a moneybag, coins, an eye patch, a treasure map, a pirate hat and lots more. Kid Kit includes: Pirate Things to Make & Do book, pirate stamp (Jolly Roger Stamp), pirate stamp pad (black ink), shiny silver material for pirate sword, glue stick, scissors, black construction paper, white crayon, black felt and elastic cord for pirate moneybag, and heavy art paper for treasure chest & other projects.  Pirate Things to Make & Do Kid Kit Pirate's Handbook


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