A Handmade Christmas...

I have a new bloggy friend named Pam who decided this year to have a Handmade Christmas (at least for her kids) and when I found out I asked if she would share her projects with us.  She was kind enough to send pics and even the link to where she found the pattern.

I thought she did an awesome job!  Don't you?

I had emailed Pam when she stopped by my blog and she commented that she was going to make a doll for her daughter for Christmas and had already made up several little outfits and was almost done with a dolly quilt.  Here is what she made for her kids:


I got a kick out of what she said:

For Christmas, I decided to make the Mini-Kimmy doll, clothing and quilt for my little girl. 
As a brand-new, self-taught sewer, I was surprised to discover how easy the pattern was 
to follow and how well it turned out! I have to admit that my doll is panty-less, however, 
as after 2 failed attempts, I decided she didn't need any panties...

She ended up making the Pirate doll for her son when he saw his sister's doll and he told her: "Mommy, you could make me a doll too if you wanted".  Isn't that just too cute?  Pam found a Pirate Pattern then and it fit's him perfectly, without pinching any of that masculine pride.  LOL   Plus, she made him the shorts, eye patch and a hat so he can play pirate himself.  He's going to be the envy of all the little boys out there!

If you'd like to make a doll & accessories or a Pirate and accessories (dress up clothes not included) for your kids (this would be a great Christmas or Birthday gift) you can find the patterns at:

Mini Kimmie Doll & Pattern, click here
Pirate Pattern, pattern is on etsy, click here

You can go to: and look around.  There are some really neat looking sewing and craft items for all ages - infant to adult.


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  4. How adorable! My girls are all grown up, but they would have liked this when they were little. Good job!

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