CSN has gifts for the Man in Your Life!

Are you stuck on a gift for the guy in your life?  Something that you know he will love and that will still fit your family?  Maybe he has a "man cave" a room where he and the guys go to watch the game, play pool, relax away from work. 

CSN has lots of gift ideas for guys who need a space of their own and yet it still works for the family too.  There are barstools, pub tables, bar furniture, tools, pool accessories and more. 

I was looking at their barstools today and thinking how versatile they really are.  They're easy to drag around to where ever you need a seat.  Great for game nights, kids doing homework or just for chatting.  And depending on the height you choose, they even come in handy to put little kids on at the table (it beats dragging out the phone book to boost them higher).

There are various heights but a stool for the most part comes in at 24" to 29" tall and you can also find some that are adjustable.  I personally like having a back on mine so you have some sort of back support and arms on the side are even better.  And of course a padded seat is an absolute must.  If you want a Pub Table those also come in various sizes and heights - they're great for games, football snacks (think drinks, chips, etc) and playing cards.

I even saw a table where the stools scooted under the table, which would be awesome for those "small" man caves out there! 

You can check out other stools, bar sets, pub tables (check out this cool chess/checker pub table), pool tables, pool accessories and these neat pool lights.

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