Thanksgiving Tales - Book Review

Thanksgiving Tales
True Stories of the Holiday in America
by Brian D Jaffe
ISBN-13: 978-0982729007
Available NOW on Amazon here $12.83

About the book:
Thanksgiving Tales is a reflection of Americans, as much as it is a look at the holiday. It is a testament to the importance of the holiday that Americans will go to great lengths for Thanksgiving - spending money to travel long distances or taking days to prepare meals, sometimes only to find themselves seated next to the weird cousin or sick all night from bacteria-laden food. Yet, it's done all over again the next year.

My Thoughts:
When I requested to review Thanksgiving Tales I was expecting another Chicken Soup type book. I thought it would be fun to see the holiday through the eyes of some of the famous or prominent writers in the US and that's what this book is - but still it wasn't what I expected. 

This book is actually written not by 1 person but by 48 writers from all over the US. Writers from all different kinds of genre's, with all kinds of traditions (some that really surprised me) and memories. I enjoyed the traditional family traditions - going to Grandma's, the arguing who was bring what, and so on. The ones that really surprised me were the family that just got together to drink (?) or the family that never got together except to argue. 

For the sequel to this book it would be fun to see "interviews" or chapters written by everyday American's. Or maybe Thanksgiving stories by Celebrities - I'm not one to jump on the "celebrity" band wagon - but most of them weren't always Celebrities. Ya know? I'd like to see stories from Jewish Americans, African Americans, Pastors, School Teachers, and so on - what does Thanksgiving truly mean to them and why. Now that would be a great book of Thanksgiving Tales.

You can purchase Thanksgiving Tales on Amazon as a paperback ($12.83) or as a Kindle e-book ($5.99). It's perfect to read in small chunks, a chapter at a time - there are sections that will make you laugh out loud but not really any that are tear-jerkers and that to me would of made this interesting book a great book.

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